How to install gcc and/or mingw?

If you’re looking to install MinGW or GCC on your Windows machine for compiling third-party modules, you might want to follow these steps:

  1. Strawberry Perl: Strawberry Perl is a Perl distribution for Windows that includes a C compiler (like MinGW) along with many essential CPAN modules. You can download it from the Strawberry Perl website and follow their installation instructions.
  2. Cygwin: Cygwin is another option that provides a Linux-like environment on Windows. It includes a package manager that allows you to install GCC and other development tools. After installing Cygwin, you can use its package manager to install GCC.
  3. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL): If you have a Windows 10 or later version, you can enable WSL and install a Linux distribution of your choice from the Microsoft Store. This will give you access to a full Linux environment, including GCC.
  4. Chocolatey: Chocolatey is a Windows package manager that can be used to install various software, including GCC. You can install Chocolatey and then use it to install GCC.

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