How to define script in activestate.yaml on Terminal

Everytime I try to run a python script on my terminal, it just says "The script ‘NAME.ETC’ is not defined in activestate.yaml.

Hi @OwenGamer55,

What are the exact steps that you are trying? That’ll help us understand what’s going wrong.


heres me trying to run a .txt file

obojedi@penguin:~/OwenGamer55/Python1$ state run code1.txt
║ Running Script: code1.txt ║

Something Went Wrong
x The script ‘code1.txt’ is not defined in activestate.yaml.

Need More Help?
• Run → state run --help for general help
• Visit the Forum → State Tool - ActiveState Community

Hi @OwenGamer55,

Thanks for the extra info!

state run code1.txt tells the state tool to attempt to run a script that’s defined in your activestate.yaml file. You’d typically put a script in the activestate.yaml file for a project to help with environment setup or some other development task. You wouldn’t use this to run a Python script - you’d just use a version of Python that you have installed to run your Python scripts.

What happens when you run python -V on the command line? Do you see output like Python 3.9.2 or similar?

If so, just run python code1.txt and your Python script should be executed.