Active state is messing up my python virtuale environments

i am not sure what’s going on here, however when i knew nothing of this stupid active state stuff i was just fine in making virtual environments. Now i stumbled across this and i cant do anything with virtual environments it just give me the bs thiing that brings me back here.

PowerShell 7.2.0
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.

Type ‘help’ to get help.

PS C:\Users\mrmye\OneDrive\Desktop\python folder> python -m venv e1

Something Went Wrong
x Could not find project file at C:\Users\mrmye\Python-for-WebDev
x No activestate.yaml file exists in the current working directory or its parent directories.
x could not find file=activestate.yaml in path=C:\Users\mrmye\Python-for-WebDev

Need More Help?
• Run → state exec --help for general help
• Ask For Help → State Tool - ActiveState Community
PS C:\Users\mrmye\OneDrive\Desktop\python folder>

this is what i keep getting

Hi Joefiler,

A number of things here. The state tool already provides a virtual environment, so you don’t need to run venv. Just by activating your project you are in a virtual environment.

It looks like the current state you are in, the activestate.yaml file got deleted somehow. You can state activate your project again and you’ll be ready to rock. e.g. state activate Joefiler/name-of-your-project