How to building a project

I would like some help understanding how to use this platform and what else I need to build a project here.

Hi FreelanceGem098 - what kind of project are you thinking of building and in what language?

The platform is designed to get you the language of your choice bundled together with all of the packages needed to support your coding project. If you give me more detail maybe I can point you in the right direction.


I am trying to build a killfeed bot for my DayZ Nitrado and discord server. And the language is English

You can use the ActiveState platform to download either Python, Perl or Tcl, which are programming languages (the language I was talking about). I’m not sure what language you would use to program a bot like that, but if you are following a tutorial and it requires the use of one of those languages, you can download it from us and install it for use with your bot project.

I am using python but it says that I don’t have the request module.

I looked for a “request” package in the Python package listing, but didn’t come up with any results.

Can you post the error message you are seeing?

@FreelanceGem098, did you mean requests? I’m not aware of a request module in Python. Perhaps you could share the link to your project so we can see what error you’re getting.

See that is the problem I don’t know what I am supposed to do and haven’t started anything yet.

@FreelanceGem098, Ok I’ll see if I can clear things up for you as to what the Platform is meant to do.

ActiveState has always been in the business of building and distributing programming languages, specifically Python, Perl and Tcl. The Platform is a new way of giving people those languages to run while they develop. When we refer to a “Project” on the Platform, it is a pre-built language bundle with pre-built packages that you’ve chosen for your project.

When you log in to you see an option to “Setup a new Runtime”. These are the projects we’re referring to. If you click that you’ll then be walked through setting up a new language runtime/bundle. You’ll be prompted for what platforms you want to build on and what language and version you want. In your case it sounds like you need a Python bundle. If you follow the recommended choices in the runtime creation steps you’ll end up with a working build.

To see the installers for the runtime click the “Download Builds” tab.

If you need to add extra packages to your project you can do so on the Configuration tab and click “Add Packages” or if you have a requirements.txt file you can click “Import from Requirements.txt” and copy the text from your file into the dialog that appears.

Hopefully that clarifies what the Platform is emant for. It produces an installer for you with the Language you want, on the platform you want, with the packages you want already included.

If you’re still not sure, please share more details of exactly what you’re looking for and maybe we can get you sorted out.

  • Carey