How do I install File::Find::Rule on ActiveState Perl 5.32 or does it exist?

I need to install package File::Find::Rule but a lot has changed over the years. I have Perl installed as:

This is perl 5, version 36, subversion 0 (v5.36.0) built for MSWin32-x64-multi-thread
Copyright 1987-2022, Larry Wall
Binary build 36.0r1 provided by ActiveState
Built Fri Jul 22 19:43:18 2022

Oops, now I’ve really messed it up. I am trying to reinstall Perl and can’t get past step #2 which is:

C:>state checkout ActiveState-Projects/ActiveState-Perl-5.36.0 .
█ Something Went Wrong

x execute failed

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• Run → state checkout --help for general help
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Thank you for any info!


The steps listed on the Download tab assume you have never had Perl installed with the State Tool before. If you have 5.36, you are highly likely to already have the State Tool and a Project Control file, and could use State Tool commands that are more specific.

Your first problem will be that you’ve started out with a copy of a project that lives in the ActiveState-Projects organization. That’s a demonstration organization, and the projects inside it are read-only for you. You can’t add File::Find::Rule if you don’t have write access.

You can modify projects if they are in your personal workspace. Make a copy of the project in your personal workspace, and then use the Configuration pane to locate and add File::Find::Rule and any dependencies that will need to bring along.

If you can’t use the runtime you have now, use
state clean cache
to remove it, and then
state checkout (review the flags and options to get the behaviour you want from the checkout)
to get the updated runtime. For reference, the various possible “state” commands:

You might also need to manually remove the old project control file. It is named activestate.yaml and will be in the folder that was specified in the option used by your original state activate or state checkout command