How do I download the actual Perl Files

I am just trying to download the actual files I have created. The active state tool does not work for my use case and need the actual raw files. Is there any way to do this on this platform or do I need to switch to like everyone else on this website.

Found this website ActivePerl Download (2023 Latest) ( that will let you download the actual files. Nobody wants to use your tool @ActiveState.

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It’s important to remember that ActiveState’s Perl is NOT installed globally, but rather installed in a virtual environment. When you download and install your runtime, all the files will be installed to a directory like:

Your working directory will then be something like:

If you’d prefer to just download the built packages individually, you can use our GraphQL API to download them. To see how this is done, refer to this short video on How To Use The Build Graph API

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