How can I access ctREFPROP?

I’m looking for the python package ctREFPROP, which is the recommended way to access REFPROP from Python (REFPROP-wrappers/wrappers/python at master · usnistgov/REFPROP-wrappers · GitHub)

I don’t see it on ActiveState searching for packages. Can it be made available? I am an experienced Matlab user recently learning Python.

Hey! Sorry we don’t have it yet, i’m making a ticket to get it ingested into our repository, we’ll reach out once we have it.

Thanks for adding a ticket for this. Would it be possible to get a rough timeframe for when you expect to have it? My company has committed to using ActiveState for all our Python packages, and this is something we really need so a timeline would be helpful so we can plan accordingly.

Sorry for the delay It’s in tis sprint so expect an update in a week!