Download Build Not Completing

Ever since ActiveState performed updates last week and website service was restored, I am unable to complete downloading builds. It will hang at completing 274 of 327 components. The remaining components just display “Connecting…” in the log view. I’ve tried adding/removing modules to get the process to behave normally but have had no luck. It’s now been running for 144+ hours.

I’m attempting a build for v. 5.36.1. I am seeing that 5.36.3 is recommended but my organization has approved for 5.36.1 only.


It appears that your build has hung. The simplest way to reset it is to:

  1. Make a minor modification by changing the Perl version or a package version on the Configuration tab
  2. Click the Save & Build button
  3. Go back to the Configuration tab and remove the change you made in step 1
  4. Click the Save & Build button to restart your desired build

In the meantime, you can download a copy of your project that I built on the latest patch version of Perl 5.36 ( located here: ActiveState

Hope that helps

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