Docker container access: how2 add komodo user to www-data user group in Linux

I am using docker / docker-compose for my web-applications building & testing.

The html/ directory contains all the web-app files and is owned by www-data.

How can I add the komodo-edit user to www-data or allow komodo-edit to get access to that folder?

PS: of course, I do have set the volume to mirror into the container:
- ./webapp/html:/var/www/html

I am pretty sure, I did have it up and running already - I think, even with access into the remotely installed web-application and with access via SSH so I could manipulate “on the open heart” (eg for gaining easier access for the test-automation / modifications of the selectors…)

Hey there @rayflow – so, depending on the flavour of linux in your docker image this could differ, but there’s a few things you can try. You can try adding komodo-edit user to the www-data group in your dockerfile with something like:

usermod -a -G www-data komodo-edit

You could also use chown to change which user owns those files. Or you can use the;

USER foo command in your dockerfile to start the shell as a different user (the default is root).

Not sure if I’ve fully captured your situation there, but those things are worth exploring. Hope it helps!