Komodo IDE - How save remote server credentals on a google drive

Is it possible to change where Komodo IDE 12 stores configurations/credentials?

I would like my remove servers credentials to be stored on a google drive, rather then the default location so that I can easily move between several computers all sharing the same google drive and komodo IDE server credentials.

Or perhaps there is a better way to share server credentials between several instance of komodo IDE on different machines?

Per-User information is typically stored to the Profile folder, which can be temporarily relocated:

Google drives might not be supportable, but you should probably ask this in the support and discussion forums dedicated to Komodo.

I tried moving my ApplicationSupport/KomodoIDE folder to my network drive, then I created a symbolic link to the KomodoIDE folder on the network drive and dropped that into my Library/ApplicaitonSupport folder.

Double clicking on the symlinked KomodoIDE folder does correctly open it on the network drive.

However, when I try to start KomodoIDE 12, the icon bounces for a few seconds and stop, then nothing. I don’t know where I should be looking for any error messages to see what is going on.

I also tried changing the folder permissions to 777 with no luck.