Komodo collaboration question

I figured this isn’t possible in vscode. So if me and someone else was editing a python script with tkinter gui together. Could the guest also run that script without downloading it on their computer and the gui would show on their computer?

HI @ShaunKulesa , Thank you for posting here! Our Komodo expert will get back to you soon. Regards.

Hi @ShaunKulesa,

Assuming the guess has Python and all the necessary packages installed (and any other resources the script might need) then in theory, yes, the guest should be able to run the code themselves and see the expected output.

  • Carey

Should I use a workspace/project?

One big issue, neither me or my friend can login to the collaboration part, it says for both of us to check our username or password.

Here is their proof. (the email isn’t their real one)

here is mine.

Ahh my apologies, I forgot about a couple of issues that render Collaboration unusable:

I’m not sure when dev time will be allocated to address this.

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“When you enable and try to login to collaboration in Komodo it is authenticating against account.activestate.com. It should use platform.activestate.com now.”

If I somehow found the file and changed this detail, could I build it it again and it would work?

hey @ShaunKulesa, I don’t think so. It’s more involved than it sounds. We’d have to update the collab service (a server running in the cloud) that is doing the file syncing between machines to know about platform.activestate.com as well.

Sorry to not have any good news for you @ShaunKulesa :frowning:

Do you reckon a petition would give them a little budge into fixing it?

@ShaunKulesa, just to clarify, it’s a service we, ActiveState, manages.

As for petitioning to get it updated, I’d say it’s very unlikely to be worth your while. I think you’re the second person to even ask about collaboration in Komodo since the issue arose. With so few people using the feature I’d say it’s very unlikely to get attention quickly.