Create Komodo Language feature not working as documented

KOMODO 12 on a Mac OS. I am trying to create a language extension for Terraform and when I execute Project → New from Template → Create Komodo Language, as it states here: Komodo 12 Documentation

It presents me with the standard Create a Project dialog box, and I see nothing like what the documentation says I should see:

The easiest way to create a new Komodo language is to select Project > New from Template > Create Komodo Language. Fill out the add-on details, then you can customize the language details (like the comment styles, keywords, and code intelligence) and create the project. You’ll find there is a “Build and Install” macro added to your Komodo toolbox, which you can use to create and install the add-on xpi file.

Hi @caolan,

It’s implied by the menu that you’re creating a project so the first dialog is the create project screen. Complete that and click through and you’ll end up in the dialogs you’re expecting.

  • Carey