Can't add required package -- getting weird error?

I’m trying to test EmPy (Documentation — EmPy) with ActiveState Python. If I setup an ActivateState environment, activate it locally, and use EmPy locally — either with a tarball or by running python3 -m install empy — it works fine.

If I try to add EmPy 4.1 or 4.0 (empy==4.1, empy==4.0) as a required package in the project configuration page, I get the error

There is no or pyproject.toml, check your project!

(The expanded build status shows that empy is causing the failure, but there’s also an empy (Wheel) which shows success.) However, the older version EmPy 3.3.4 (empy==3.3.4) and below work fine. I’ve checked the PyPI tarball ( and it does in fact have a and, as I said, installing it locally or through PIP works fine.

I also see the error when trying to install it through state install empy, though it shows the error in the resolving dependencies phase:

 • Creating commit ✔ Done
 • Resolving Dependencies x Failed
█ Something Went Wrong

 x Artifact 'empy' failed to build, status: FAILED_PERMANENTLY, build log:

where the offending log entry is:

{"body": {"facility": "INFO", "msg": "RuntimeError: There is no or pyproject.toml, check your project!"}, "artifact_id": "5061b9f9-146e-5494-ac8a-c27e7a9393b9", "timestamp": "2024-07-04T02:03:04.725407", "type": "artifact_progress", "source": "builder", "pipe_name": "stderr"}

I’m new to ActiveState, but it looks to me like there’s a bad package artifact floating around for EmPy 4.0 and 4.1. How can I address this, either by fixing whatever I’m doing wrong, or bringing this to the attention of ActiveState?


An error message from a missing or pyproject.toml file points to a problem with the way the upstream source code has been released.

We have to patch these to build them in a more general case, so there can be a period of time when a module has been ingested but remains unpatched because enough failures haven’t been detected to trigger an investigation.
This kind of report can accelerate the process, so what you have done is exactly the right thing to bring it to our attention. - Thank you -

Very well. I’m the author of EmPy, so if you need any help integrating it into your system, let me know.

Hey @xihr ! We’d love to work with you to help get this working – we’re in the process of building out tooling to help authors like yourself easily make changes to address issues like this. I’ll DM you to get some details. Thanks for trying things out!