Build error XML::Twig 3.49 for Perl 5.18

When I try to install XML::Twig 3.49 using PPM I keep getting the following:

XML-Twig marked for install
Installing package …
Downloading XML-Twig-3.49 … redirect
Downloading XML-Twig-3.49 … done
Installing package failed

ERROR: Aborted download (123357 bytes expected, got 12398).

Any thoughts on how to get the module installed anyway?

PPM isn’t maintained or supported any longer, but you could try a manual download of the ppmx file. If your version shipped with PPM, you’ll have the HTML manuals installed locally, and there was an FAQ for how to use ppmx files downloaded manually.

So I ran

ppm install c:\temp\XML::Twig 3.49.ppmx

and all was fine

Then I ran

ppm install c:\temp\PDF-Writer-0.06.ppmx

But then got:

ppm install failed: The PPD does not provide code to install for this platform

Does this mean I got the wrong manual install, or is something wrong with the downloaded ppmx files? I downloaded those from Perl Package Manager Index (PPM) | ActiveState Code for 5.18. I get the same message when installing Graphics-ColorNames-2.11.ppmx.

Your help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

That means one of three things.

  • You might have downloaded a ppmx for the right version of Perl but the wrong bitness.
  • You might have downloaded a ppmx for the wrong operating system.
  • You might have downloaded for the wrong version of Perl.

Version matching is determined by a pattern match against the four digit ActiveState patch number shown when you run “perl -V”. The first two digits of those four digits in the patch version number must match. If you run “perl -V” and your ActivePerl reports that the patch number is “0000”, that is a modern version of ActivePerl and cannot be used with PPM, even if it has the PPM client.