Add tkDND to ActiveTcl

Is possible to add TkDND to the package options in ActiveTcl?
GitHub - petasis/tkdnd: TkDND is an extension that adds native drag & drop capabilities to the Tk toolkit
If not, how I can add it to my local setup?

Thanks :wink:

i.e. if I try to build tkDND with Cygwin, I get the following:

C:/ActiveState/ActiveTcl/include/tcl.h:467:9: error: ‘dev_t’ does not name a type
467 | dev_t st_dev;
| ^~~~~
C:/ActiveState/ActiveTcl/include/tcl.h:474:9: error: ‘dev_t’ does not name a type
474 | dev_t st_rdev;
| ^~~~~

It is not possible at the moment to add TkDND to our runtimes.

Later in the year it may be, but we need to complete a fairly significant migration. Until then, the list of available Tcl extensions will not change significantly.