ActiveTCL Install Fails: i5-4950 2GHz CPU


I’m unable to install TCL using Win7 x86 on an HP system with using an i5-4950 processor. The error message says it is unsupported. I know that I’ve installed this in the past on a similar CPU.


Is this a common issue?

Hi @hoochiemama,
Thanks for posting! The team will advise accordingly.

Yes that’s a common message and we’ve had FAQs on it for over a decade. It has nothing at all to do with your processor. Blame Windows for not patching their legacy code.

That is a stock Windows error message, and it means you have a 32-bit version of Windows. You’re getting that message because you’re trying to install 64-bit software, and Windows will not allow that.

Why does that result in a message about your processor?
Well, this is a REALLY old message. It’s been in Windows for decades. Back when it was written, all Intel processors were 32-bit. The only processor that supported 64-bit Windows was the Itanium. Therefore, in the logic of the time, if the bitness of your Windows version is wrong, you must be running on an Itanium and the problem is your processor.

ActiveState has not shipped a 32-bit version of Tcl in quite a few years. The last one is 8.5.18, and is still available, but cannot be customized.

Thank you for the reply and the information. Where can I find the earlier version mentioned?

8.5 is available as one of our Featured Projects. You will need an account on The Platform at a minimum of the free level. Featured Projects are accessed from the top pane of your Dashboard.

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I got it, thanks again!

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