W10 x64 Perl 5.34 Project Package Build fails- ExUtils-MakeMaker 6.30

Attempting to create a Perl 5.34 Windows Project from my ActiveState Platform website account fails due to issues with Ext-Utils-MakeMaker.

Reason: Builder returned with exit code 2

  • One or more artifacts failed to build or were skipped
  • Builder returned with exit code 2

Is there a way to configure the Perl 5.34 build to complete successfully without ExtUtils-MakeMaker?
Wil Blake

Hey @wilb,

Thanks for writing! This project should definitely build, as it just includes one of our standard bundles. If I remove the Utilities bundle in the project, the build completes successfully.

Was there something that you specifically needed in the Utilities bundle? Perhaps you could add that package individually?

Also, I’ll report the issue to the dev team.


Thanks. AFAIR Utilities was checked by default, I may have previously selected it based on one of the “How To” Videos.

Hi @wilb !

We just discovered the reason ExtUtils-MakeMaker 6.30 showed up in your project; it was a bug in the data which we’ve just fixed. If you return to your project and make any other modification, such as adding another Perl package, you no longer see ExtUtils-MakeMaker as a resolved dependency, at least at version 6.30.

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Thank you for the update. I tried to create another project and the issue appears resolved. I really appreciate the assistance.