Teacup install is not working

Hello. Previously install of packages using teacup was working, this would be a few months ago. (ActiveState TCL 8.5.xxx)

Trying it again now fails and digging deeper, what seems to be going on is that teacup is looking for http://teapot.activetstate.com, which has a 301 permanent redirect. It looks like teacup does not understand that and so fails. Checking with a web browser shows that is all redirected to https, and further it looks like teacup does not understand https (when I added an archive).

My guess: it looks like a web server was changed to have a permanent https redirect, and this has broken teacup.

I should add: this is using TCL 8.5 on windows, 32 bit.

What can I do about this?

Thank you

TEAcup servers were moved to the cloud, but the TEA clients do not support the redirects we set up. We are working on a solution for this issue, and expect to have more information next week.