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I would like to comment on this recipe, which doesn’t work with Ruby 2.x versions.

However, I can not login into When I try to login, I am redirected to dashboard and that’s it. was decommissioned three years ago. We moved the recipes to GitHub.
GitHub - ActiveState/code: ActiveState Code Recipes shouldn’t be accessible at all, except that the legacy PPM services are hosted through it and some other parts of are leaking out.

  1. Why not to add the header explaining that to ?

  2. Why there is no revision history and proper dates? There are two revisions that are quite old Recipe 577572 revision 2 « ActiveState Code and the GitHub blame is pretty fresh single piece - code/recipes/Ruby/577572_Display_a_git_repository/recipe-577572.rb at master · ActiveState/code · GitHub You can hire ~esr to do proper history migration with reposurgeon.