Perl project "state run ppm" result: "language for this script is not supported or not available"

I am attempting to run the command ppm from a State Tool Perl 5.34 Project. Issuing the command “state run ppm” results in the error message
“The language for this script is not supported or not available on your system. Attempted script execution with: perl. Please configure the ‘language’ field with an available option (one, or more, of: bash, sh, batch, powershell, perl, python3, python2, ruby)”

I would guess that a Perl project would have its default language as Perl. How do I configure the project “language field” ?

Thanks again.

Hi @wilb,

The state run command runs a script that’s defined in an activestate.yaml file. You can learn more about this here: Configuration Reference :: ActiveState Platform Documentation

As for ppm, it’s been replaced by the ActiveState Platform. You can add packages to your projects either using the web interface (eg. ActiveState) or by running state install <package> inside of project directory on your local system. Check out the cheat sheet or watch one of our videos on installing Perl packages.