Not able to install 32 bit TCL on 18.04 ubuntu

While installing the i686 version i am getting below Error.

dshaw1@dip:~/Downloads/ActiveTcl-$ ./install
-bash: ./install: No such file or directory
dshaw1@dip:~/Downloads/ActiveTcl-$ ./

Launching graphical installer on localhost:10.0

./ 51: ./ ./payload/bin/wish8.5: not found

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That’s a fatal error, and it’s happening because Ubuntu 18 is incompatible with the old ActiveTcl installers. You would need to be on Ubuntu 14 or older.
If you’re going to use version 18, you’ll need to use the latest generation of installers and ActiveTcl 8.6 64 bit.


Thanks for Your reply.

I am trying to install spirent HLTAPI along with ActiveTcl .
when i am trying to install HLTAPI along with 64 bit TCL version i am getting below error.

  • i tried 8.5 64 bit version
  • i tried 8.6 64 bit version as well.
    both gave me same Error as shown below.

% package require SpirentTestCenter
Error Occured while loading the Spirent Automation Internal Utility Library (couldn’t load file “/opt/Spirent_TestCenter_4.70/Spirent_TestCenter_Application_Linux/”: /opt/Spirent_TestCenter_4.70/Spirent_TestCenter_Application_Linux/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32).

as i understood from internet, this Error is due to 32 bit and 64 bit mismatch.
so i need a way to install 32 bit TCL on 18.04 Ubuntu.

let me know if You can help.


i was expecting Your Reply.

Hi @Dipankar02323. It doesn’t look like 32-bit Ubuntu builds are supported on the Platform. I know custom builds for unsupported architectures are available on paid tiers but I’m not sure where this one would land. I you’re willing to entertain that scenario, your best bet would be contacting