Net-snmp Timeout for ActiveState Perl Commands


I used to have this working on an older version (binary download and install), but now building from 5.34, and the powershell install. It does build Perl, and it runs / works … except, when I try to have it output to net-snmp (extend), any Perl command (even just perl --version) results in a timeout. Can’t get any Perl commands to work with net-snmp.

Has anyone seen a similar issue?



Welcome to the ActiveState community!

I installed your Perl 5.34 runtime environment on my Win10 system (I assume you’re also installing on Windows 10), but was unable to reproduce your timeout error. Can you share your script?


No issue sharing the script, but even just perl --version fails :frowning_face:. Let me try to provide a few more details, items I’m seeing as I debug more!

  1. The issue is with running net-snmp on Windows, then calling Perl using extend (assuming this is what you are trying as well?). For example,
extend vers perl --version
  1. I have tried net-snmp 5.9.1 (used to work in the past, older version of ActiveState Perl), and also 5.9.2.rc1. No difference.
  2. If I call my same script, but using bash (i.e. WSL, Ubuntu inside Windows), then running a Perl script is fine. Of course, this is not using ActiveState Perl then, rather Ubuntu / Linux Perl (right?).
  3. The Perl script itself runs (from cmd), just not when called by net-snmp (and as above, even just perl --version fails).
  4. net-snmp was built using ActiveState Perl.
  5. I’m on Windows 11, if that matters :laughing:

Please let me know if there are other things I can provide that may help. Thanks!