Komodo 12 keeps installing itself - Help

I use an older version (9) of Komodo. Lately Komodo 12 has been installing itself without my permission. It’s like a virus.

Does anyone know how I can stop this?

Do you still have update checks enabled?

I’ve been unable to find a setting to disable the update check. Can you tell me where to find it?

Hmm… I see that the link to the details on the process is dead. @careyh do you recall the details here?

This isn’t possible @DCUsername789 for two reasons.

  1. Komodo did not update from major version to major version. It only worked for minor and patch releases
  2. The update server hasn’t been running for a few years now: Related

You can disable the update feature in Komodo but it won’t do anything as the update feature doesn’t do anything.

  • Start a browser preview session with an HTML file
    • open an HTML file in Komodo then click the Global icon in the left side dynamic toolbar
    • Select Tab in Komodo
  • change the URL to about:config
  • search for update and change app.update.enabled to false

But again, that won’t actually do anything.

If you could provide more information on exactly what happened we could get to the bottom of it I’m sure.

  • Carey