Installing/using "requests" for http GET

in the earlier post “PIP Install requests Python Package” the response shown in the code example is “<Response[200]>”. Obviously this is rather cryptic. I have requests installed and I was able to reproduce this so thanks for that! However, when I send a GET request in the same way to a live device that I can connect to and receive data from via Insomnia (REST client), I get exactly that same response “<Response[200]>”. I was hoping to receive the parsed data that returns in Insomnia: {
“validationAndBackup”: “NO_DEVICE_CHECK”,
“iqConfiguration”: “DIGITAL_INPUT”,
“cycleTime”: {
“value”: 0.0,
“unit”: “ms”
“deviceAlias”: “discreetInput”
Can anyone tell me what I’m missing here? Thanks, iGAF

Hey iGAF we can’t help you with your python code itself, but getting a 200 response means your requests module is working as expected! You’ll have to consult the docs or a different resource to get assistance with your actual code. Thanks!