Build Error: requests-pkcs12 1.9 for Python 3.8.8 on Linux

Looking for help with this package that is failing to build in my project.

Runtime Details

Failing Packages

  • requests-pkcs12 1.8

Hey @edwardayala - it looks like your project is building successfully now, let us know if you run into more issues.

Hello @flukeout - it built successfully after removing requests-pkcs12 1.9 package. After adding and trying again it continues to fail. I’ve tried both 1.9, 1.8, and 1.7 versions.

It looks like requests-pkcs12 is missing some runtime dependencies within our system. I’m going to work on a fix.


Thank you for the response.

The fix was just pushed. If you make a change to your project, it should build this time.

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