Install Win32-Console-ANSI Failed on Windows 11

c:>state install Win32-Console-ANSI
█ Installing Package

• Searching for Win32-Console-ANSI in the ActiveState Catalog… :heavy_check_mark: Found
• Creating commit… :heavy_check_mark: Done

Updating Runtime
Changes to your runtime may require some dependencies to be rebuilt.

Something Went Wrong
x Could not install dependencies
x The Platform failed to resolve the dependencies for this build. These are the last lines of the error message:
…mpatible with Feature|language/perl|BSD-Resource.

And because every version of Platform|Windows 10 Version 1803, Windows 10.0.17134.1 x86 64-bit requires Feature|kernel|Windows (10.0.17134.1) (1), Platform|Windows 10 Version 1803, Windows 10.0.17134.1 x86 64-bit is incompatible with Feature|language/perl|BSD-Resource

So, because root depends on both Feature|language/perl|BSD-Resource (*) and Platform|Windows 10 Version 1803, Windows 10.0.17134.1 x86 64-bit (*), version solving failed.

x BSD-Resource cannot be built on the Windows platform


We fixed a number of these platform compatibility issues in the past few months - If you navigate to the Overview tab and click Updates Available, you will get some compat ingredients that will fix some of the errors you are seeing.

If you still have an issue adding a Win32 package to your distribution you can fork your build and remove linux, and then the windows only elements will work. You can also look if we’ve created a compat version of the ingredient that is supported in multi-platform builds. If there isn’t one, please let us know here and we can add this work to our backlog.

Hi Marc,

Thanks for helping with this problem.
I have started the update, but it is stalled building - now over 3 hours.
The build status is 89 of 93 Packages Built:
IMAP-Client 0.13 Queued…
LWP-UserAgent-Determined 1.07 Queued…
Mail-IMAPClient 3.43 Queued…
Term-ANSIColor 5.01 Queued…
Is there anything that can be done?




The build has completed it only took: 7h 3m 36s…