Error: The Python path in your debug configuration is invalid

I was working fine with Python in vs code, but began getting this on attempting to run scripts. What did I do?!

The Python path in your debug configuration is invalid.


Hey @darienk,

I’m not sure that we can help with VS Code - that’s someone else’s product and isn’t our area of expertise – but let’s at least try to get you started.

Can you provide a few more details?

Are you using a version of Python from ActiveState? If so, what version and which operating system (and version?)

Can you think of anything at all that changed between when things did work and when things didn’t work?

Does VS Code show you the Python path involved?

What is the path sent in your debug configuration?


I am not embarrassed or anything… :slight_smile: Wrong board, ha! Actually, so far I like Komodo better. I have used each one just a bit, while taking video Python courses, and using whatever editor the instructor is using. I’ll go to the appropriate board, thanks.

No worries! Good luck! --zak