Custom Windows Perl build fails due to postgresql

I’m trying to make a custom build for Windows Perl that includes WIN32-OLE and when it comes to build, it fails on postgresql. I went to configuration tab to delete postgresql from the build, but there isn’t an option. Just an Edit option (no delete trashcan icon). So I removed DBD-PG which has postgresql as a dependency and it still fails.

Reason: The build encountered an unexpected error. Please consult the build log for more details.

Build failures: ModulesAndLibs
Command exits with 2: cd postgresql && C:\Perl\perl\bin\perl.exe -IC:/build/camel/lib -IC:/build/camel/work/../lib postgresql-9.5.4-AS-Makefile.PL stopped at C:/build/camel/lib/ActiveState/Build/Step/Role/ line 75.

Hi robnelli, thanks for your question. Could you share which version of Perl was causing the unexpected error? Building with the most recent recommended version appears to not produce an error (5.36.1). Information on how to change the language version of your project can be found here