Create Windows .exe stand-alone console app from ActiveState Perl source

I have a Perl Project built with Komodo, a simple command line interface text file filter. It previously worked in Strawberry Perl and will migrate it to Active State Perl.
Can ActiveState Perl create a stand alone Windows console application?
Wil Blake

Hey @wilb,

I imagine that you mean turning a Perl script into a single executable. If so, that’s not something we can do – sorry.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. It helps alot and motivates me to better learn the State Tool to maintain Perl projects across different systems. An Internet search revealed a Perl module called “pp” or “the packer” that could allow shrink-wrapped .exe .

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The terms of the ActiveState EULA mean that if you use PAR with ActivePerl you will require an OEM redistribution agreement.
We strongly recommend against the use of this kind of technology. It dates back to the 1990s, and uses techniques that are common in malware, so files created with Perl as "exe"s will be seen as malware by most modern operating systems.

Thanks for the update.