Cant install the module imagemagick without error

Hi, i tried to install the image-magick modul “state install Image-Magick”, but i cant do it successfully. Always appears the following message on the dos-box: Could not install dependencies, x Build Failed: Recipe build failed: 1 build step failed.
So i looked into build-log to detect what i do wrong, but i cant find the solution. In my opinion i installed magick.exe correctly, changed the windows path, installed the right C++ Redistributable Package and the magick.exe is perfectly running - i made all test what they recommended. sorry for my bad bad english
with other modules (guitest, tk etc.) i never had problems.

Before the State Tool can “install” ImageMagick on your local system, it must be possible for The Platform to build it on the build servers. ImageMagick is not yet supported.