Build Error: Function-Parameters 2.001003 for Perl 5.28.3 for Windows 10

The Build Tool gave me this ref:

on this failure. It is for Perl 5.28.1 on Linux, is 2 years old & apparently resolved.

Google search didn’t yield anything more in the past year.

The build of the Windows Installer has been running for over an hour - much longer than usual for past successful builds - even though it has already warned that the module build has failed. Might this indicate that the race condition found to be at fault for the earlier Linux build failure was somehow not fixed for Windows?

I added the Do package because I need Data::Object::String::Func::Titlecase. Lingua::EN:Titlecase isn’t handling possessives properly.

Thanks for any help or suggestions for a workaround.

It builds successfully when I drop down to version 2.000000.