Build Error: File-ExtAttr 1.09 (Windows)

I added the package to my Perl project (Browser based) - the build log info shows:

Writing MYMETA.yml and MYMETA.json

Running [gmake]…
In file included from extattr_os.h:33,
from portable.h:5,
from ExtAttr.xs:6:
extattr_linux.h:5:10: fatal error: attr/attributes.h: No such file or directory
#include <attr/attributes.h>
compilation terminated.

gmake: *** [Makefile:356: ExtAttr.o] Error 1

gmake failed: ‘gmake’ exited with value 2 at C:\builds\builder-deps\76910dfc-1440-5d01-a57e-998394698ba5\installdir/lib/ActiveState/ line 462.
cp lib/File/ExtAttr/ blib\lib\File\ExtAttr\

cp lib/File/ blib\lib\File\

I did also a local installation: state install File-ExtAttr, which results in:
Installing Package

Operating on project Daniel-Apo/Perl-5.34.0-Windows, located at C:\Users\Danie\Perl-5.34.0-Windows.

• Searching for File-ExtAttr in the ActiveState Catalog :heavy_check_mark: Found
• Creating commit :heavy_check_mark: Done

Updating Runtime
Changes to your runtime may require some dependencies to be rebuilt.

Setting Up Runtime
Resolving Dependencies :heavy_check_mark: Done

Something Went Wrong
x Could not install dependencies
x Build Failed: Recipe build failed: 1 build step failed
After the uninstall of the state tool, install fails with the same error, so no useable environment can be set up with this Package!
What is the problem building such an old and CPAN-listed package?

Runtime Details

Failing Packages

  • File-ExtAttr 1.09

The problem applies to every version of the package - regardless the perl version (5.34/5.36)

Supported OSes

Mac OS X
FreeBSD 5.0 and later
NetBSD 4.0 and later
Solaris 10 and later

That module doesn’t work on Windows.
File::ExtAttr - Perl extension for accessing extended attributes of files -

Sorry - RTFM (completely) - is there a module for Windows which may do the corresponding job?

Might be what you want.

Still thinking about this - there seems no module available and don’t want to deal with native Win32-API. For clarification: Extended Attributes in Windows are special file attributes like MP3-ID-Tags (Title, Album, Singer, Duraion, Bitrate etc.) which are NOT stored in the metadata if the filesystem but in the file content itsself.