ActivePerl license

We are setting up a clone of wireshark project for a specific change. We are modifying wireshark source code. We intend to maintain this wireshark source repository internal to organization. We intend to distribute the modified wireshark source code with wireshark software to our end customer as per GPLv2.
Wireshark recommends ActivePerl to be used as development tools for building wireshark. Now, in this particular case where we are maintaining custom wireshark source code internally (but following GPLv2 license), are we allowed to use ActivePerl as development tool for free?


“Beyond Development Use” is defined in the EULA, and it does not allow for all use cases that fall under the classification of Development, especially if one is in the business of developing software.

The core of the definition is about a requirement for repeatability. If you are doing a proof-of-concept or a one-off, that is prototyping and is allowed. If you are engineering a process with ActivePerl that must be able to repeatedly generate those custom Wireshark builds, then that’s a production use case and the machine where ActivePerl is installed would need to be counted against your Node quota.

Free accounts do not have Node quota, so you would need to be on one of the paid tiers, depending on how many machines you need Node quota for.

Thanks for the response.