Access denied sign tool

trying to do a custom build so I can add some modules I need and getting stuck with this error. Sorry I think it clipped the beginning

rror running signtool sign -d mingw-get -fd sha256 -td sha256 -tr -f C:/build/camel/work/Comodo-ActiveState-2020-10-09.p12 /p 165662 ActivePerl- SignTool Error: Access is denied. SignTool Error: An error occurred while attempting to sign: ActivePerl-

That is an error on the backend, and it happens when you ask for modules which have components that can only be used if some or all of the GNU toolchain is installed with them.

A common example is Net-SFTP.

We’re working on ways to identify modules that have this problem better, because right now, you can’t use them in a Windows build generated by The Platform. At the moment, the way to locate the problem is to walk down the pick list and mark each module one at a time to be discarded. When the solver removes the dependency for Alien-MSYS, you’ll know you have found the culprit.

If your project is for both Linux and Windows, it’s best to split it into two projects so you can keep the items that work on Linux but not on Windows.

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I need SFTP. Is there another way to get this module? I used to use PPM but with the new builds it isn’t available. Finding this new method difficult. Thank you


I’ll give that a look thank you.