Abbreviation Error After Any Word

Hi there,

I recently installed Komodo 12.0.1 on Windows 10 version 21H1 64-bit computer. However, when I began using it, an error pops up on the bottom after I type any word in a file.

“No ‘word’ abbreviation was found.”

See the attached image.

I’m not sure what this error is signifying, and if it’s something that I should be worried about. Even if it isn’t, the constant error spam is somewhat annoying. Is there any way to fix this?


I would suspect it’s happening because you’re getting abbreviations when you’re working on a text file, and you probably need to disable auto-abbreviation. There’s a posting in the Komodo Community forum that’s fairly close to this, and it discusses how to troubleshoot and configure abbreviations.

If that post doesn’t help you get unstuck, you can create a new post for your question in that forum.

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Ok, thanks for the pointer! I still have a couple of questions after reading that so I’ll make a new posting there.

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