Performance issue with Net::SSLeay::CTX_load_verify_locations

Last week I added some new modules to our perl package. SInce installing the new package to our development system I have performance issues with https requests. The packages I added are not related to openssl or https. I ran one of our scripts making https requests with -d:NYTProf and examined the output. The call graph showed that most of the time was spent in Net::SSLeay::CTX_load_verify_locations (1222 seconds out of 1256 seconds).
Is there something I can do to increase performance of this subroutine? Maybe setting environment variables?

Thank you and best regards


it could be related to this? OpenSSLv3 - loading certificates is much slower than previous versions · Issue #16871 · openssl/openssl · GitHub

Hello Nicole,

thank you for your answer.
I understand that it is an issue with the underlying openssl library.
Do you changed openssl libraries for all versions of Net::SSleay or do older versions of this module other versions of openssl libraries? Maybe I can use an older version to see if this improves performance.
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Hey Peter,

Our system will generally select openSSL to the greatest available version, but you should be able to pin it back by finding openssl in the list and clicking the edit button. The version labelling is a bit funny for the previous series but ideally you’d want or greater which is 1.1.1v.