Open Source Early Access Program FAQ

How do I apply?

Post a response to the “Applying for the Early Access Program” topic and let us your relationship to the project, as well as the project’s:

  • Name
  • Licensing
  • Homepage
  • Public repository location

Can I nominate a project that I don’t participate in?

Absolutely. Just follow the standard application process above.

Why are you doing this?

As our CEO put it in his Open Letter to the Open Source Community,

Our fortunes are fundamentally linked to the communities, users, and companies we serve.

We rely a great deal on Free Software and Open Source communities. It’s important that we give back to the commons that we draw from.

… or, as Scott Robertson, our CTO, puts it

We’re building an awesome Platform that gets better the more unique combinations of components it builds. Each of these are shared with other projects whenever possible accelerating their builds. The more communities help us discover the popular unique combinations the better we can help the community.

What kind of projects qualify?

As of 2020-04-09, projects should to be:

  • Licensed under one or more Free Software and/or Open Source licenses
  • Python with none (or few) non-Python dependencies

We’ll review each project on a case-by-case basis and reserve the right to not accept any project for any reason.

Why accept only Python projects for now?

It’s currently the best supported language on the ActiveState Platform, making it the natural choice. By limiting to a single language for now, we also get to reduce the amount of complexity we need to manage for the early access program.

Why wouldn’t open source projects just use a free account on the Platform?

In a word, licensing. Runtimes produced by the standard ActiveState Platform accounts have proprietary licensing.

What legal things should I read about the program?

See Section O of the ActiveState Platform Terms of Use and Service Agreement for details.

How many projects are being accepted?

Let’s find out. :slight_smile:

How long will the program last?

The program should last until we open the Platform up for general access by open source projects.