Mime multipart "cannot find crypt.dll"

I can’t send multipart messages.
It is possible to send one part (the txt/html-message) after the other (the attachment e.g. pdf), but tryeing to get the both messages sent together causes the fault:
“Cannot open crypt.dll
while executing md5 – key
(procedure “mime::buildmessageeaux” line 64) …”

I’ve seen, that there is about the same topic already open, but it doesn’t contain a solution.

OK, after trying some other things, it’s oviously, tat the MD5 packegae doesn’t run at all,
because crypt.dll is missing.
A long search has schown, that there is no crypt.dll on my computer anyway.
Where can i get “crypt.dll” from and how can it be installed safely?

I don’t think we have that available. I’ve responded in the main discussion here:

Thank you for the reply.

I hope it doesn’t bother you that I fixed the problem by installing a distribution from a different source. I was first trying to get away with just reinstalling tcllib but that didn’t work properly.
After a complete new installation from a different vendor it now works perfect.

Thank you anyway for help