Itcl422t.dll is named incorrectly

I was trying to require the package Itcl, it couldn’t find it because it was looking for a file called itcl422.dll, but in the package folder it was called itcl422t.dll.

So I had to rename the file to itcl422.dll, that might be something that you will want to look into.



Thanks for the heads up - we’ll take a look.

Root cause of this has been identified. A section of upstream code to which a patch is applied changed significantly between and 8.6.12. The original patch no longer works.

We’re getting a revised patch ready so that 8.6.12+ will work again.

Alright, glad to hear you have found the cause.

The fix is live and is working. A fresh rebuild will get the changed files.

I actually did a rebuild yesterday to add sqlite3 to my community build, and I still had this issue so I had to rename the file again.

Yes, I can repro that from those two Windows builds in your project. We’ll take a look. This should be working.

Your project is hitting cache from before the patch went live, so that’s why it’s not showing the results that are expected. We’re going to have to address the cache as well to clear it up.