I want tcl with expect package for windows OS

I want the below packages with tcl. How can I get.?

package require Expect

The Platform will not build the Expect package on the Windows operating system, even if it is selected as part of a project. The code pulled for the Expect module is the reference version of Expect. The reference version of Expect requires an operating system that fully supports the POSIX standards, and it has never worked on Windows.

There used to be port of Expect for Windows. The original port required a 32-bit debugging library used in an off-label manner. As Microsoft made changes to rationalize some of the behaviours of the cmd command line in newer versions of Windows, preserving off-label usage of older libraries was not a consideration. Expect for Windows last worked on Windows 7, 32-bit. We no longer support the port, or distribute it.

During the heyday of Expect on Windows, it’s main use was to execute remote commands on other Windows servers, and no other option was as powerful. That is no longer true. Powershell has largely supplanted Expect in the role, and is Microsoft’s recommended tooling for system administration scripting. Powershell can also run in a cross-platform environment now.

Further evidence that Expect for Windows is redundant is indirect. The source code for the Windows port was published over a decade ago so that the community could maintain it, as needed. One patch was submitted, to correct a problem with Windows 7. Nothing has been submitted since then, which implies that there was no pressing need to maintain Expect on Windows even after it ceased to work.

So how come the ActiveState/ActiveTcl-8.6.13 project built for Linux and Windows shows expect version 5.45.3 is in the build as a dependency?


MultiPlatform projects will show all dependencies on any platforms, even if they can’t be built on all of the platforms.

Expect isn’t configured to be a requirement for the 8.6.13 project. If we set it as a requirement, the project would fail. We let The Platform be in charge of deciding, and it knows that Expect is a dependency on the Linux builder.