Codeintel for PHP does not work in IDE but does in EDIT

I’ve been trying to get Codeintel working on the IDE without success so far.

I have a project on a remote server, and the configuration file *.komodoproject resides there.
I’ve wiped all data from the user profile and started IDE, loaded the project, and Codeintel just scanned thru the code. I cannot use ‘go to definition’, not even for built-in functions.

When I open the same project in EDIT, it’s just working.

Since IDE and EDIT are siblings, how can it be that there is a difference in behaviour?

I’ve been using EDIT since years and intended to switch to the IDE. Now, after a few months of trouble, I’m back on EDIT again.

What can I provide to help debugging?

Hey @mschmid!

Thank you for writing! Can you post on the Komodo forums instead at