Build Error: GraphViz 2.24 for Perl 5.34.0 on Windows

Looking for help with this package that is failing to build in my project.

Runtime Details

  • ActiveState
  • Language - perl 5.34.0
  • Platform - Windows

Failing Packages

  • GraphViz 2.24

Executing builder command C:\builds\builders\832995a3-b356-5249-b9ae-9f2b1649a266\build.bat
Building in C:\builds\sources\832995a3-b356-5249-b9ae-9f2b1649a266\GraphViz-2.24
Running [perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=C:\builds\outputs\832995a3-b356-5249-b9ae-9f2b1649a266\installdir\site]…
Can’t locate File/ in @INC (you may need to install the File::Which module) (@INC contains: C:\builds\outputs\832995a3-b356-5249-b9ae-9f2b1649a266\installdir\site\lib C:/builds/deps/832995a3-b356-5249-b9ae-9f2b1649a266/installdir/site/lib C:/builds/deps/832995a3-b356-5249-b9ae-9f2b1649a266/installdir/lib .) at Makefile.PL line 14.

The package File-Which ist installed. I do not have access to the installation directory. What to do?

Welcome to the community Manfred!

I can confirm that GraphViz 2.24 is failing to build on the ActiveState Platform. The team is currently investigating the failure, and will schedule a fix.

Thanks for reporting.

The File::Which is listed as a runtime dependency, but turns out it’s a build dependency. But it looks like we need to provide support for the graphviz shared library. We will schedule this work.

Thank you for your efforts. A result would help me very much

This work is still in progress. Unfortunately for windows, the C++ library build requires a number of dependencies that need addressing. If this was trivial it would already be done, so it may still be some time before this is completed.