Build Error: Alien-GMP 1.14 for Perl 5.32.1 on Linux

Looking for help with this package that is failing to build in my project.

Runtime Details

Failing Packages

  • Alien-GMP 1.14

You have two *GMP modules pinned at conflicting versions. I’ve unpinned them.

I have the same problem for Perl 5.32.1 on Windows

Reason: Recipe build failed: 1 build step failed

  • language/perl Alien-GMP 1.14: Builder returned with exit code 255

Where does the dependency comes from?

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Generally, “Alien” anything will mean you’re asking for a Perl module that isn’t compatible with Windows.

Some modules have complicated strategies for importing non-native components which, most of the time, allows them to work in an Alien environment.

With the tooling that’s currently available, you can only find the module with the dependency on non-Windows components by removing the modules you have asked to be added, and seeing when the dependency disappears.

Thank you for your answer,

but this is not a practible way. Is it possible to send me a Logfile from the build? 2,5 years ago I selected 110 Perlmodules for the version 5.23.4 and the build added 150 packeges from dependencies. I need to update it because of SSL-problems.

with kindly regards

One of our Gurus has fixed your build. There was a changed needed on the backend, which we had to fix.

In general, for a 5.34, you will likely get better results if you don’t heavily pin the modules. The solver can be forced to use insecure or incompatible versions if it’s pinned, and it might not be able to use the latest OpenSSL properly if other components using SSL are not allowed to use their latest versions.