Active Perl 5.28

During Active Perl 5.28 installation my Acronis software has detected 21 .bat files that could be subject to ransomware.
Is there a reason for this ?

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Hi @IanLS :wave:

We’ve seen false positives reported after ActivePerl installations in the past. We generally attempt to work with the vendors to register our artifacts with them but Acronis may be one we’ve missed or haven’t updated recently enough. I can look into that.

Just to be on the safe side, did you download your ActivePerl-5.28 from the Platform directly?

Thanks so much for reporting this! We’re really glad to know about these issues when they pop up.

I haven’t seen other AntiVirus products complain about batch files in relation to ransomware before this, so if it’s a newer feature it will be getting a lot of hits/positives.
As for why there are batch files in ActivePerl, it’s because Perl users expect Perl to work the way it does on Linux, and Windows can’t do much of that unless batch files are used as command proxies.

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