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What is the schema for CIX (codeintel XML)?


CIX stands for Code Intelligence XML. It is the XML format that is used to describe codeintel information for programming language content (variables, classes, functions, etc.) in Komodo's Code Intelligence system. This format is used by the internal scanners of Python, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, etc. code. It is used to define the standard library data and API catalog data for these languages.

Attached are the CIX schema (in RelaxNG) and a small catalog.xml (XML catalog file) that can be added in Komodo's "Languages > XML Catalogs" table to get XML autocomplete for .cix files.

All .cix files should start out like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<codeintel xmlns="urn:activestate:cix:2.0" version="2.0">