A new file manager has been added to Komodo's left pane. It provides a customized view of your file system (local or remote) and allow easy file management operations such as file editing, copying, drag/drop file moving, creation or removal of files and folders, as well as recursive search capabilities.

Places will replace the existing Komodo project viewer (by the time Komodo 6 is final).

Publishing Tools (IDE only)

Easily copy remote files to your local system to work on them, then push your changes back to the remote system when you're done editing. Komodo keeps track of the synchronization details to avoid copying files that haven't changed, as well as using advanced conflict detection to avoid overwriting changes made by others.

You can also using publishing as a form of file backup management, by regularly synchronizing your development code you can remotely maintain a backed up copy of your work.

Toolbox 2.0

The new toolbox will aggregate all the tools into one window. These include the standard toolbox, tools from the shared toolbox (IDE only), tools from projects, and, eventually, tools exported by extensions. By storing each tool as an individual file, it should be easier to import, export, and share tools.

Database Explorer (IDE only)

Komodo's Database Explorer lets you easily explore local and remote database installations, including viewing and managing data. Komodo will initially ship with support for SQLite. Additional databases are supported through Komodo add-ons, such is the case for Oracle and MySQL support.

Python 3 support

Komodo 6 fully supports Python 3 (debugging, code intelligence, syntax checking, ...). When opening Python files, Komodo will automatically detect the Python version used (Python 2 or 3) from the file contents - you can also override the language through the Komodo language selection menu in the status bar.


Komodo 6 properly detects HTML 5 code (<!DOCTYPE html>) and includes updated HTML 5 code completion support for the new HTML elements (video, canvas, etc...) as well as updated HTML 5 attributes.


The Komodo CSS code intelligence will now include CSS 3 specific completions and calltips. As well there is now code intelligence support for browser specific extensions (such as Mozilla -moz- and WebKit -webkit-).


A number of Komodo components have been made to run faster, such as startup, shutdown, tab-switching and text searching. As well as these changes, the underlying Mozilla source code has been updated to version 1.9.1, the same code base as Firefox 3.5, which means improved performance gains for Komodo as well as newer technology support such as internal HTML 5 preview capabilities.

Workspace Save and Restore

Komodo will now be regularly saving your Komodo workspace and in the case of an unexpected shutdown (crash, killed) then on the next startup, Komodo will offer to restore your last used workspace.

Hyperlink Additions

Komodo's hyperlinks have been extended and can now help in the following ways:

  • Popup Definitions
    Upon holding/hovering on a hyperlink, a popup reference will appear showing the code intelligence information for the target text.

  • Anchor tags in HTML
    You can now hyper click on an anchor tag reference and Komodo will then find and move to where the reference is defined.
    &lt;a href="#tips"&gt;
    &lt;a name="tips"&gt;Useful Tips&lt;/a&gt;
  • Jump to HREF and SRC locations
    Hyper clicking on external document references, such as CSS, JavaScript will open the file location:
    &lt;link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="screen.css" /&gt;
    &lt;a href="ide.html"&gt;
  • Open filename references
    A hyperlink handler was also added for opening regular file references, such as:
  • PHP includes
    A hyperlink handler was added for PHP file includes, such as:
    require 'somefile.php';

Rx Toolkit Additions (IDE only)

Komodo's Rx Toolkit now supports testing regular expressions with four new languages (in addition to Python), namely Perl, PHP, Ruby and JavaScript. Regular expressions are also evaluated "out of process", so a long-running regular expression won't tie up the IDE.

Invoke Tool

There is a new Toolbox helper 'Tools -> Invoke Tool' that can be used to quickly search through the toolbox and invoke (execute) the selected tool(s). This is convenient for quickly inserting snippets, executing Komodo macros, or for running a command, as it works without the need to change your focus to the toolbox pane.

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