Login in editor

hello, i have a problem. I installed the editor komodo12 and activated the account but when I launch the editor and insert the login the notification Login failed, you are off line. Thanks for your help


I am facing the same problem. My internet is working perfectly and there is no firewall. Every time I try to log in, it says login failed, it appears you are offline. I hope someone has answer to this problem. I am using Pop!_OS 20.04.

*I have deleted my email after login attempt.

Same here. Login failed, it appeared you are offline.

We are aware of an issue that affects first time logins with Komodo IDE, and are working to solve it.

I have also been facing the same problem. It says that I am offline, this is also my first time attempting to login with a new account.

Hey all, it looks like there was an issue on our end that was addressed, so hopefully a restart should address this issue for you.

There’s another thread with some related updates here Unable to Register Komodo IDE 12.1

same here, I can’t log in to ActiveState platform. Has this problem been fixed? I have restarted like 10 times over the last hour

The problem discussed in this post was resolved.

Please see the Komodo Forum. This site is not for Komodo issues.
You are probably behind a Proxy Server. There is a Tutorial there discussing the options for working around a Proxy server.