Desktop Shortcut Perl 5.28

Trying to complete the desktop shortcut for Perl 5.28 What are the proper Properties settings of the shortcut? I want to end up at directory c:\perl in the command window.

Thanks for any assistance.


All you need is a shortcut to cmd.exe.

You might want to set the working directory of the shortcut to your source code working area, but a tool like Komodo IDE that sets up functional code projects is a better way to manage your work.

If an unmodified shortcut to cmd.exe does not work, you have not got Perl installed correctly.

When I do as you say, I get to c:\WINDOWS\system32>

How can I get to a Perl directory ?

Edit the Properties of the Shortcut. It should start cmd.exe, not Perl. The “Start in:” folder should be set to C:\perl. When the shortcut is started, you will be in the right folder, and ready to start Perl.exe from the command line.

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Go ahead and close this out. The solution is:

CMD cd c:\perl

This goes in the Location area of the shortcut. Check the Run as administrator box in the Advanced tab and save after Applying.

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