Unattended Installation


How do I get the installer for Community Edition to run in a silent, unattended mode?


See the Installation guide for the product in question.

Documentation on unattended installation is limited in scope because the functionality is limited. There are many outcomes which might be desired that the command line for the exe installer cannot support.

Unattended installation under the Community Edition license is Strongly Discouraged.
A requirement for unattended installations is associated with use cases that meet the definition of Production Use or OEM Redistribution. Commercial entities must have a senior license for Production Use. All cases of Redistribution must have a senior license. Without the opportunity to review the terms of the Community Edition license, an end-user will be liable for complying with the license without being aware of the terms.

For ActivePerl, Business Edition or Enterprise Edition versions can provide an MSI style installer with more extensive support for unattended installations.

Installing licenses under OS X Mountain Lion


My license installer will not run on OS X 10.8


Gatekeeper is blocking the installer.

Right-clicking the license installer and selecting "Open" should
prevent Gatekeeper from getting in the way for now.

Which licenses include major upgrades?


What is the difference between an update and an upgrade? Does my current license include upgrades and updates?


Updates are minor releases that include bug fixes and small enhancements. These releases are indicated by a "small" version number change. For example, Komodo Professional Edition 3.0 to Komodo Professional Edition 3.5 is an update.

Upgrades are major releases that include significant new functionality. These releases are indicated by a "large" version number change. For example, Komodo Professional Edition 3.0 to Komodo IDE 4.0 is an upgrade.
Does my current license include upgrades and updates?

Which licenses include upgrades?
Updates and upgrades are included with ActivePerl Pro Studio and ActiveTcl Pro Studio subscriptions.
Updates are included with all other licensed software: Komodo IDE, PDK Pro Pack, and Tcl Dev Kit. However, major upgrades for these products are sold separately.

User-based licensing for ActiveState products


Can I run my ActiveState software on multiple computers, or different platforms? Do I have to purchase a license for each platform individually?


When you purchase an ActiveState license, we provide you with installers for all supported platforms. You only need one license per user.

You can install the same product on multiple systems as long as you are the sole user of the software.

Purchasing on behalf of others: How do I give end users access to licenses so that they may download and install them?


I purchased licenses for others. How do I give them access to these licenses so that they may download and install them?


You must assign all the licenses to each individual end user.

License assignments can be done by logging into your own account at:

If you do not have a password, one can be requested by clicking on the "Forgot Password" underneath the password prompt.

Once you have logged in:

- Click on "License Management"
- Click on Re-assign
- Enter the new user's name and email address.

The new user will then be able to log into their own account and download the license.

However, the purchaser will still see the license on their license management page, will always know who the license is assigned to, and can re-assign the license if necessary.

Which ActiveState software requires a paid license?


Which ActiveState software requires a paid license?


ActiveState offers two types of software:

Language distributions

Development tools
Komodo IDE
Komodo Edit
Perl Dev Kit
Tcl Dev Kit
ActivePerl Pro Studio
ActiveTcl Pro Studio

All language distributions and Komodo Edit are available for free download, or on DVD. They do not require a license for internal or personal commercial or non-commercial use.

* OEM redistribution licensing is available for external commercial and non-commercial distribution.
* Enterprise Edition licensing is available for organizations that require guaranteed support and stability for their language installations.

All development tools except for Komodo Edit require you to register for and install a license to activate the software. 21-day trial licenses are available for all products.

Extending Komodo IDE trial


How do I extend my Komodo IDE trial license?


To extend your Komodo trial license past the initial 21 days, please contact

Can't create license file on OS X


Why do I get the message "Can't create '/Users/myusername/Library/Application Support/ActiveState/ActiveState.lic"? What can I do about it?


Occasionally when you are installing a new ActiveState license or starting a trial or beta product that installs a temporary license you will get the following message:

Can't create '/Users/myusername/Library/Application Support/ActiveState/ActiveState.lic

This is due to the directory the license is being installed in being owned by another user or not having the appropriate permissions. The easiest way to fix this is from the Terminal, by typing the following two commands:

sudo chown -R myusername /Users/myusername/Library/Application\ Support/ActiveState
chmod 0755 /Users/myusername/Library/Application\ Support/ActiveState

You may have to enter your password after typing the first command. This is normal, and required because you are executing that command as root (which is needed to change the ownership of files not owned by the current user).

Where is my ActiveState license file installed?


Where do I find my license file after I run the license installer?


Sometimes it's handy to be able to find your license file after you run the license installer. It can be helpful for debugging license issues and can make life easier when you start using your ActiveState product on another machine.

All directories below are shown relative to your home directory (found in the environment variable HOME on Linux and Mac OS X and in the environment variable USERPROFILE on Windows):

Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\ActiveState\ActiveState.lic
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\ActiveState\ActiveState.lic
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/ActiveState/ActiveState.lic
Linux: ~/.ActiveState/ActiveState.lic

The Application Data directory is usually hidden under Windows, so you may have to set Explorer to show hidden files or simply "cd" to that directory in a command prompt.

Installing licenses for multiple users on networked machines


We would like install your product so that it is accessible on all machines on our network for the users holding the license. We have already purchased the licenses. The license says it is good for one user (per license) on all platforms. What's the best way to go about this?


Licenses for ActiveState products are per-user licenses that are not specific to a machine or platform. If the same user has accounts on a Windows machine, a Linux box, and a Mac, they are free to install their license on all three machines. Similarly if the same user uses multiple accounts on any of the machines, they can install the same license on all of the accounts they use, provided the software is not used by unlicensed users.

When the license installer is run it installs a license file to a subdirectory of the user's home directory. This means that the license must be run as the user who will be using the software. For example, if I am going to use my kevinw account to run Komodo, I have to run the license installer as kevinw, rather than as root or another user. This also means that the license needs to be installed separately on each machine I am going to use, of course.

You can also copy the license files directly from machine to machine. For information on where to find your license file after you run the license installer (and where it should be installed on the machine you're copying it to), see the licensing FAQ entry entitled "Where is my ActiveState license file installed?".

We are looking into ways of making this more convenient, but for now that's the process.