Windows XP Pro


Hello all,

I am Running windows xp sp3, MS Security Essentials, and Windows Firewall. I installed ActivePython-

When I run the IDLE I get a message that says:
Socket Error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Does anyone know what I could do to resolve this issue?

PerlCom.Script making issue with VB6 Application

When accessing a custom dll built upon PERL in VB6 application it shows following error message

-"error code 429 -can't create ActiveX Object ". After installing the various versions of PERL still

couldn't resolve the issue.

i am trying to resolve this since several weeks. Please someone help me!

Installing Active Tcl on Windows XP

Installer ActiveTcl 8.6.6-8607 does not work under Windows XP SP3. This is normal? Windows XP is no longer supported?

ActivePython 2 and ActivePython 3 for WinXP SP3 32bit and Win7 SP1 64bit


I had no idea there were different ActiveState Pyhton typologies (i.e. FirstClass and "regular").

1) Where can I get the latest "regular" ActiveState Pyhton 2 for 32bit Windows XP SP3 and for 64bit Windows 7 SP1?
2) Where can I get the latest "regular" ActiveState Python 3 for 32bit Windows XP SP3 and for 64bit Windows 7 SP1?

and here
I can read "ActivePython requires Windows XP, or later.".

Thank you! for 32bit, x86 Windows

Here I currently don't see an installation file of ActivePython for Windows x86 32bit (Windows XP in my specific case).
Here I can read that Windows XP is OK with 2.7.13.
Can someone help?

Need ancient ActivePerl 5.8 installer

Greetings All,

I teach biochemistry at a small liberal arts college in Kentucky, Berea College. We recently had a computer crash that wiped out my programs on a very old computer running Windows XP. To complete some proteomics experiments with my students, I really need to install a legacy version of ActivePerl, build 811 of ActivePerl 5.8. Is there any chance that someone out there still has this on an old computer that they can share? The new software is too expensive for us to upgrade, sadly.

Thanks in advance!

Matt Saderholm

system command doesn't execute with option --gui

I wrote a script with Tk gui that starts another program with the "system" function.
This works well when i build it with perlapp and i don't use the gui option.

When i want to hide the console and build it with gui option, the whole app is stopping and hangs up.

I use Win7, Perl 5.16 x86 and PDK 9.5.1.

How can i start an app out of my Tk Script?

PerlApp created executable not running with nonexec permission on /tmp directory


We are using PerlApp to create freestanding executable from perl script.
When the executable built with PerlApp runs, it extracts its dynamic object files in the /tmp/pdk directory. However, it is not working on those systems which have some security permission like nonexec and non writable on /tmp directory.

Our application run on different ports and the problem is same on Window,Linu and AIX platform.

As arrays properly, and help write the code please!

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Help me please write vsezh- did just such a thing here, with a square array.

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Perlapp and DateTime::TimeZone

Unfortunately I'm confined to an old ActivePerl (5.12) and a fittingly old PerlApp (9.2.1).

There seems to be an issue with newer releases of DateTime::TimeZone, such that perlapp adds all the timezone pm files (it's visible with --verbose for example), but regardless the application cannot find it.